Maria Nikolopoulou - Apostolou

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                                                                                MARIA NIKOLOPOULOU - APOSTOLOU

Maria Nikolopoulou- Apostlou was born in Athens and studied graphic arts and art history at the School Vakalo with the teachers Gounaridi, Gravalos and Helen Vakalo.By the end of her studies she worked for a time with the advertising with well-known advertising agency,the creative sector and as a freelancer!Then, the search for an aesthetic everyday life led to the involvement of fashion where the experience and knowledge of the design experimented with success in combining fashion and materials including leather, aluminum and beads. Creations that won praise from ELVAL for boldness and originality!  Always maintaining a keen interest in painting, another creative field, was the design and construction of costumes and scenery objects for amateur and professional dance performances.Alongside these activities dealt with the rolling of seasonal items and small objects of art in collaboration with art galleries!