About Us

The Papadaki Art Shop is situated in the historic center of Athens since 1936. 
In our gallery you can find 
Handmade frames and Restoration Workshop: 
Our long experience and our family tradition allows us to provide solutions to your needs, 
Exhibition of paintings by contemporary Greek artists: 
Our artists: J. Papaioannou, S. Kalogeropoulou T. Dimitrakopoulou 
Chr. Galtemis,  M. Iatridou,  J. Karavas, Ch. Lambert, G. Hadoulis, 
G. Giotsas, Kornelios, Dimi, M. Karas, P. Alexopoulou, D. Bakas 
Silk  Prints of Greek Artists :
A. Aivazoglou, Ch. Verghi, A. Veroukas, A..Drougas, Ch. Karras, M. Ktistopoulou, 
M. Kopana, M. Makroulakis, G. Malamos , G. Manoussakis,  D..Mytaras, O. Zouni ,
Ch. Palatzas, F.. Patrikalakis, M. Pop, Prekas, P. Samios, S. Sorogas, 
V. Sperantzas,  G. Stathopoulos, A. Fasianos, S. Kalogeropoulou 

Unique and Original Art Gifts for every occasion 
Exclusive Corporate Gifts: 
A team of experienced artists and craftsmen work with your representatives to create a corporate gift that suits your requirements and the company's philosophy and meets your budget. 

Our goal is to offer our customers  specialized suggestions and ideas – based on quality & aesthetics- in the selection of works of art, frames and art gifts. It is our pleasure to meet your needs.

Anna Papadaki 
MA in Museum & Gallery Management